The advantages and disadvantages of fast chargers

In your search for the right charger, you have probably come across the term "fast charger". A fast char ger is now a serious alternative to the classic chargers. But is it the right charger for you?

What is a fast charger?

As the name suggests, a fast charger is a charger that charges the battery of the connected device faster than conventional mains adapters. This is possible by increasing the voltage of the charge during the charging process. Conventional chargers, on the other hand, charge the connected device with a constantly constant voltage. Almost every type of charger is now also available as a fast charger. There are therefore both USB and wireless chargers as well as Powerbanks with a Fast Charge function.

Advantages and disadvantages

The obvious advantage of a fast charger is that the charging process is much faster than with a conventional charger. With most devices, a full charging cycle takes less than two hours. This means that the mobile phone can be charged just before leaving the house and is quickly ready for use again. However, a fast charger does not only offer advantages. Before buying a charger with fast-charge function, it is important to check whether your device supports a fast-charge function at all, because not all devices are compatible with fast chargers. In addition, fast chargers are usually somewhat more expensive and larger than the alternatives without fast-charge function. It is also important to note that the mobile phone should not be charged overnight on a fast charger. After all, if the battery is full after two hours, the battery performance of your phone will be weakened during the rest of the time it is on the charger.

Should I buy a normal charger or a quick charger?

Our recommendation to this question is: It's best to buy one of each. That way, if you need to charge a device quickly, you can use the fast charger, and if you want to charge a device overnight, you can use the normal charger use the fast charger.