Replacement display or pre-assembled complete display for your iPhone?

The display of your iPhone is broken and you want to replace it? In our online shop you will find two different types of displays for iPhone models 5 - 8: the normal replacement display and the complete display. To help you make the right choice when buying a display, this article will tell you more about the differences between these iPhone displays and which one is the right choice for you.

The pre-assembled complete display: The easy way to repair

Let's start with the Complete display. As the name suggests, it comes complete with the small parts soldered to the display. This means that they do not have to be soldered on again and the repair can be carried out completely without soldering. This makes the repair quick and easy.

Advantages of the complete display

The biggest advantage of the complete display is that the small parts do not have to be removed from the old display and attached to the new one, making the repair quick and easy. This means that even less experienced people can carry out the repair. Another advantage is that small parts such as the front camera or earpiece are included. So if not only the screen of your iPhone is defective, but also the front camera, for example, you do not have to buy these separately.

Disadvantages of the complete display

The obvious disadvantage of the complete display compared to the replacement display is the price. Since small parts are also included in the complete display, it is more expensive. However, if you do not actually need these small parts, you will still pay for them with the complete display. In addition, the "tinkering factor" of mobile phone repair is somewhat lost with a complete display. If you enjoy tinkering and soldering on electronic devices, you must be aware that with a complete display, a large part of this work has already been done.

The replacement display: Only the essentials are included

Now we come to the normal Replacement display. This does not include any small parts or other accessories, but only the display itself. That is why it is cheaper than the complete display. However, this also means that it takes a lot more time and effort to install. You should therefore already have experience in mobile phone repair if you choose this option.

Advantages of the replacement display

The lower price of the replacement display is immediately obvious. Since you don't have to pay for any small parts with a replacement display, it's much cheaper. In addition, installing a display can be fun. So if you enjoy working on technical devices, the replacement display is right for you.

Disadvantages of the replacement display

As already mentioned, when installing a replacement display, not only the display but also various small parts have to be mounted. This makes installation more complex and difficult. The more complex installation process also has more potential for errors. You must be careful when soldering and installing the small parts to avoid damaging them. If you are not technically gifted, the complete display may be a better choice.


Only you can decide which iPhone display is right for you. The most important factors to consider are how much time you want to invest in the repair, whether you can handle a soldering iron and, of course, the price.

No matter which display you choose, at you will find it in top quality and with fast delivery.