Apple presents the new iPhone generation

What innovations await us in the iPhone 13 models?

The days of smartphone technology making innovative leaps seem to be over. At least for the time being, manufacturers do not stand out with new approaches. There are small adjustments here and there to give the appearance of development. As in the previous year, Apple unveiled the four new iPhone 13 models at an event. Surprisingly, the tech giant unceremoniously announced the discontinuation of the Mini series. A look at the sales figures, however, reveals the probable reason for this: the Mini models did not stand out in the past due to a strong sales participation. Especially because the regular iPhone versions have proven to be bestsellers so far and the Pro models also enjoy great popularity, this is an understandable decision. Nevertheless, we have compiled the most important features and innovations of the new iPhone generation for you.


Essentially, little has changed in the design. The metal casing and the edgy look familiar from the iPhone 12 remain. A new, smaller notch contributes to the elegant look. While the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini come with a colourful palette of colours, the Pro models are somewhat more restrained.

Colours of the iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Mini:

- Polaris

- Midnight

- Blue

- Rosé


Colours of the iPhone 13 Pro/ iPhone 13 Pro Max:

- Graphite

- Gold

- Silver

- Sierra Blue


As expected, the new models do not have a fingerprint sensor and Touch ID. However, the larger Pro models impress with an OLED screen, a refresh rate of 120Hz and an always-on function.


Apple's new processor generation is called A15 Bionic. Manufactured using the N5P process, the A15 Bionic is said to be more power efficient and deliver higher performance than the A14 Bionic. In addition, the graphics unit is said to work up to 30 per cent faster. The new X60 chip from Snapdragon ensures faster speed and lower latency when surfing.


Better runtimes also thanks to the new processor and the power-saving display technology. The manufacturer promises an additional battery life of 1.5 h for the smaller models. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max offer an additional 2.5 hours.


Although the iPhone 13 models stand out from the competition in terms of performance, they perform worse than their predecessors in the camera category. Nevertheless, the hub of the influencer community convinces with good quality and a few new modes

iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Mini:

- Wide Angle & Ultra Wide Angle

- Sensorshift

- Better focus & stabilisation

- 12 Megapixel

- Larger sensors

iPhone 13 Pro/ iPhone 13 Pro Max

- Wide Angle, Ultra Wide Angle & Telephoto Lens

- Depth of field effect

- New Cinematic Mode

- Larger sensors

- Larger aperture for night shots

- Macro mode with Ultra Wide Angle camera

- 12 Megapixel

Memory capacity

All models now have a standard storage of 128GB. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available with a storage capacity of up to 1TB.

Top or flop?

Apple's powerful processor makes the latest iPhone generation one of the fastest smartphones on the market. In addition, the desire of Appleians for an increased standard storage capacity and longer battery life has been fulfilled by the manufacturer. Even if the camera is inferior to those of the competition, the models can score plus points. Not least thanks to the versatile modes, this iPhone series is nevertheless a successful project overall. If you need spare parts for your new iPhone, if you want to upgrade your smartphone with a stylish case and if you want to protect it from falling damage, then visit our shop. At we offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts.