Successful repairs require the right tools - we show you what you need!

You want to repair your mobile phone or tablet yourself and are looking for tips and tricks on how to do it the easiest way? Here we show you what you need and which tools are for which jobs.

You don't just need a clean workspace and the right lighting, but the right tools for your device. It's definitely not witchcraft, you just need to know how to screw, lever and scratch a little.

In our shop, we already have ready-made tool sets that are suitable for the most common mobile phone and tablet models. Now we will go into detail about the individual items and explain their function during the repair.

Suction cup

To open your mobile phone, you usually have to remove either the back cover or the display. A suction cup is a great help for this. The easiest way is to use a combination of a suction cup and a pick.

We have different types of suction cups in our range. On the one hand the classic suction cup, the reinforced suction cup or the suction cup pliers.


You can use a plectrum not only for playing a guitar, but also for opening a smartphone or a tablet. The shape of the plectrum makes it very stable and almost indestructible.

Most displays are glued, which is done to prevent water damage. Therefore, you have to work with hot air beforehand to loosen the glue a little. Then you can start to prise the display open with the plectrum. The smartphone should be heated several times, i.e. you should work your way through bit by bit. You can leave the plectrum plugged in so that the glue does not bond again.

They do not sell the plectrum individually, they are only available in sets. At the end of the blog we will go into more detail about the different sets.


The lever tool that is always picked up when repairing a mobile phone or tablet. Spudgers are made of plastic or even hard plastic, the material is specially chosen because they are antistatic. Another advantage of the material is that it does not cause scratches or short circuits.

Activities where a spudger is used:

  • Disconnecting plugs and connectors
  • Disconnecting cables and antenna cables
  • Levering out stuck parts such as vibration motors
  • Scraping off superfluous heat-conducting paste
  • Fixing connectors or adhesive frames

We only have one plastic spudger in our range. The others are included in the sets.

Steel spades or steel spudgers

These tools are used where the normal plastic spudger is too weak or not fine enough. The prerequisite for this is that there is less risk of damage to the area.

Steel spades or steel spudgers are used for these activities:

  • Removing glued parts such as the adhesive tape on the frame or flex cables
  • Levering out cameras, sensors or the earpiece
  • Scraping off adhesive residues

Important: In contrast to the plastic spudger, the steel spudger is not antistatic, i.e. you should not use it on circuit boards or connectors.

We have several steel spudgers in our range. On the one hand, we have the super practical model from Jakemy. On the other hand we have the 3 in 1 set which covers the most common models.


With tweezers you can reach even the hardest to reach places or parts. Even the finest parts can be removed from a smartphone or tablet with tweezers. There are many different tweezers in all materials and shapes. Tweezers with thin tips are suitable for working on a smartphone or tablet.

Tweezers can help you with these tasks:

  • Taking out cables that are difficult to reach
  • Holding plugs or screws
  • Pulling off adhesive strips

There are different types of tweezers. Some are made of metal, for which we have an extensive 9-in-1 set in our shop. But there are also plastic tweezers, for which we have an 8-piece set.

Magnetic mats

To get your mobile phone or tablet back in one piece after the repair, you need all the screws. There is hardly anything as frustrating as not being able to find some screws. A magnetic mat can help you here.

Important: If you still miss a screw, you can simply pull the magnetic mat across the floor with a slight distance. This way you have a good chance of finding it again.

Magnetic mats are available for different models and in different sizes. Here you will find all our magnetic mats which are available in our shop.


There are countless types of screwdrivers and this in different qualities.

The most common screwdrivers are:

  • Screwdriver Pentalobe
  • Screwdriver Cross
  • Screwdriver Y

There are many more. It is important that you know which ones you need for your device. There are many different screws in a smartphone or tablet. It is therefore unavoidable to do without screwdrivers during a repair.

We have screwdrivers in all variations in our shop. They are available individually or in sets. Here you will find all screwdrivers.

In addition to the individual tools, we also offer complete sets. We have small, medium or large set constellations. For the newcomer in the field of repairs we have a small beginner set. If you already have some experience, we have two sets that might interest you. One is the 12 in 1 tool set or the slightly extended 15 in 1 tool set. For the professional repairer we have a very special set in stock, the 38 in 1 tool set. It contains everything you need for your repair, the most common brands can be repaired without any problems