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Cell phone spare parts for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei & Co.

The online store is your reliable partner if you are looking for cell phone spare parts as well as accessories for the cell phone. Our offer includes numerous products, especially for the popular brands Apple, Samsung and Huawei we have a wide range of spare parts ready. For your smartphone, there are spare parts that allow you to replace them in case of damage. With an Apple replacement display, you can use your iPhone perfectly. In addition, screen protectors, can protect the products from damage. Cell phone spare parts from Apple or Samsung thus allow a targeted protection of display and smartphone. From the Samsung Galaxy camera lens to iPhone replacement batteries to the iPhone display, you will find the right cell phone spare parts for every need in the online store Instead of a new smartphone it often does a high quality spare part!

Phonedepot - Replacement displays, batteries and & much more

Who does not know this? The smartphone falls on the floor and the iPhone display shatters. A new display is needed to be able to use the smartphone. If you have damaged your iPhone, Samsung smartphone and Co., there are at the appropriate cell phone spare parts. For the current smartphone models we supply the replacement display, which allows a quick replacement.

Over time, the batteries of smartphones suffer. While there is no replaceable battery as standard for the newer iPhones, this is different for other cell phone models. If the battery life does not meet one's requirements, a replacement battery is the remedy of choice. In the online store you can find the right batteries for Samsung smartphones, Apple, Huawei and many other smartphone manufacturers.

Cell phone accessories for various brands

The full potential of your smartphone unfolds with the right cell phone accessories. In our online store you will not only find cell phone spare parts. There are also useful accessories for smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and numerous manufacturers. To protect the smartphone, a cell phone case is suitable. The cases for the smartphone are available in different colors and designs. As a supplement, a protective film can protect the display.

In our online store there are chargers and cables for different smartphone models. If your charging cable no longer works or a replacement cable is desired, we have the solution. Accessories from adapters to memory cards and headphones allow you to use your smartphones comfortably. In the headphones section, we offer both wired in-ear headphones and Bluetooth models.

Cell phone repair - cell phone repair kit / tool

In the event of damage to the cell phone, repair is necessary. While the professional repair by cell phone stores or the manufacturers causes high costs, a self-repair of many damages is possible. With craftsmanship and patience, you will succeed in replacing the display and Co. However, you need the right tools for the replacement of iPhone spare parts. With a tool set, we prepare you for any situation. Since different manufacturers rely on different connectors and screws, different tools are needed. In addition to universal tools, with which you can repair the smartphones of different manufacturers, there are repair sets, which are used to replace the cell phone spare parts of a specific brand. You can choose the right tool set according to your needs. For small repairs, we offer multi-part knife and tweezers sets, while there are extensive cell phone repair sets that allow you to professionally replace and install cell phone spare parts.